Our Process

At Heritage Woodworks, we’re excited to be a part of your dream project. We understand the stress that can come along with a new build or remodel, and we have taken the steps to ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible. See below for a brief walk through of our process along with a few tips and pointers. Keep in mind, our team will help you through the design, build, and installation phases and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Discovering Your Style

Light or Dark? Modern or Traditional? We encourage you to review design books, Houzz, Pinterest, and whatever else you can find to help you get a feel for the style you like. Think about the basics AND the details. The wood color and finishes. The hardware. The functionality. A little research will help us establish a solid starting point. You can also check out our showroom for additional inspiration.

Designing Your Cabinets and Floor Plan

We provide a no-cost, in home consultation to discuss your design ideas and take accurate measurements. From there, we present you with options and continue to meet with you to determine your final plan. Some of the areas we will address include...

  1. Initial Floor Plan: This plan takes in to consideration your likes, your living style, traffic flow, and code requirements.
  2. Decoration and Utility: Fine tuning of your floor plan including decorative details, cabinet inserts, and/or other potential functional features.
  3. 3D Plans and Pricing: To finalize the design phase, We'll provide you with 3D drawings and an itemized quote.

The Building Process

Once your custom designs are approved, we begin the building process. If you are remodeling and will be moving walls or shifting utility lines, you may need a general contractor and/or other trade professionals to assist. Our team will help you determine what those steps may be.


Your cabinets are installed by a dedicated install crew that takes pride in its workmanship. We respect both your home and your time. Our team will get in, get out, and leave the area as we found it. Stocking the cupboards is up to you!!